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Pultec EQP-1a Equalizer Reproductions and Kits

June 2023 Update: This round of Pultec EQP-1A Kits is SOLD OUT. Thank you!

2023 will mark the 11th year RecPro Audio will be offering Pultec EQP-1A kits.

As usual, kit production will be limited, and the market is global.

These kits sound amazing, just like vintage Pultecs. The silky top end is simply beautiful.

All Pultec EQP-1a Kits include CineMag CMLI-4x150D input, Sowter 1475 (HS-29 repro) interstage and CineMag CM-S217D (legendary Peerless S-217-D repro) output transformers, as well as a CineMag CML-150T tapped inductor. CineMag inductor, input & Sowter interstage transformers are encased in Mu-metal cans (steel for the CM-S217D) for optimal noise reduction. These transformers are huge and the absolute best components available for the Pultec EQP-1a application.

Please Note: My aim is to provide the best Pultec kit that is possible - something of superior quality that sounds amazing. Something that my customers would never part with. Toward that end, I endeavor to source the finest parts available. There is nothing I could do to make these kits any finer, it's all here.

Thank you,

RecPro Audio

CineMag CM-S217D Pultec Output Transformer and CineMag CMLI 4x150D Input Transformer, Sowter 1475 Interstage Transformer

One-Stop Solution:

The RecPro Audio Pultec Kit is a one-stop solution providing everything needed (except the solder!) to build a real-deal, studio-quality, EQP-1a equalizer.

This kit is a 100% reproduction of the original Pultec EQP-1a circuit and uses only the finest components available on the planet. This kit is NOT a "work-a-like" using printed circuit boards, junk components, or further cutting corners by omitting tubes and/or transformers. The RPA Pultec kit is the real thing.

Every part is provided; every nut and bolt, standoff, terminal, resistor, capacitor, pot, transformer, etc.; plus a beautiful heavy-duty, painted, milled, and engraved chassis.

Over 100 highest-quality parts including vintage tubes and sockets are supplied - even the wire.

All parts are Made In The USA (with the exception of the fine Sowter interstage transformer, made in UK).

No drilling or machining needed.

Complete wiring diagrams and high-res photo sets make assembly easy and problem free.

With this kit there is zero research and guesswork, zero DIY layout or packaging consternation, and no tracking down all those parts - some of which cannot be found in small quantities. (Some parts, like the EQ filter capacitors, are not even offered over-the-counter in all the values required - while here they are all consistently made by the same company; meaning no mixing and matching different cap compositions or multi-cap kludges/approximations.)

Plus, the RPA-designed layout is proven and silent in operation, so there are none of the usual DIY bugs to track down - like oscillations and/or ground loops. The layout is also optimized to accommodate modern transformer packaging and streamline point-to-point assembly; making it a relatively hassle-free project to assemble while faithfully reproducing the original circuit in its entirety.

So, if you are experienced* (working with high-voltage circuits) and are looking to get right into building a real-deal, unadulterated, accurate and proven Pultec equalizer reproduction (instead of hunting down and mixing and matching all these parts, one-by-one, over a few months or more - while dealing with potential unforeseen headaches) this kit is for you.

With the RPA Pultec EQP-1a Kit you can have the finest Pultec reproduction up and running in your rack after only a few days of assembly. A beautiful piece of legendary studio gear that you can truly be proud of.

*There are high-voltages generated by this device that can harm or kill people that do not know what they're doing. This kit is intended for folks who understand how to avoid the inherent dangers and work safely. Please do not try to assemble this kit if you are inexperienced or otherwise unqualified.

RecPro Audio Pultec EQ Kit

Pultec Kit Sales Are Pre-order Only:

Like last year, 2023 Pultec kit sales are pre-order only. This means that kit parts will be ordered when a minimum pre-order sales quantity has been reached, and when all parts are in stock, all kits will be shipped out in one shot.

As such, kits are no longer stocked, and will only be available by pre-ordering.

Here's why:

In the past, all the parts for multiple kits would be ordered, these parts would be received then arranged in kits and packaged. Kits would then sit in inventory for sometimes up to two years before selling out. The problem is that these (expensive) parts are financed, and the finance charges over two full years eats up any profitability for the kit program (and can even result in loss if sales are slower than anticipated). Moreover, the finance charges must be rolled into the retail price of the kits and can represent a reasonably large percentage of the total kit price, driving the kit cost up.

Also, putting these kits together is a major undertaking and managing the inventory for months (and years) is just a hassle. (Meanwhile, my amplifier business keeps me very busy as-is.) So, it just makes good sense to process an entire round of kits in one effort: parts in, kits out; done. From there another round can be offered.

Essentially, a "group buy" scenario.

The bottom line for buyers is that kit costs will be reduced as the finance charges will be almost entirely eliminated.

The numbers:

The result is that kit prices will remain at $2195 each for this round. Pre-order deposits are $995 per EQ kit. The balance due upon shipping will be $1200 per EQ, plus the shipping cost. Shipping to the Conti US is a flat $65 per EQ. (Please contact me for international shipping costs.)

All good.

The only downside is that folks will have to wait a few months (or more) for delivery of their kit(s).

*So, please note that deliveries for this round of kits are not anticipated to begin shipping until Late June/Early July 2023.*

This wait is caused firstly by the minimum order quantity needing to be reached (kit offers will be open for weeks while pre-orders are being taken) and then due to some parts manufacturers lengthy lead times (sometimes 3 months) delaying parts deliveries.

So, going forward, kits will be offered on a pre-order basis only. This means each kit can be reserved with a $995 deposit, and once a minimum number of kit orders is received, all parts will then be ordered and kit sales will be closed (for the current round). Subsequently, when all ordered parts are received, kits will be immediately packaged and shipped (after the $1200 balance due is invoiced and paid, along with the shipping cost).

(Please Note: Shipments to Florida residents are subject to Florida Sales tax, which is not included otherwise.)

If the number of pre-orders received (in a timely manner) is not sufficient to warrant another round of kits, then all deposits will be 100% refunded and the current round closed. Another round may or may not be offered in the future.

However, if a customer cancels an order, the $995 deposit per EQ kit will be subject to a 50% restocking fee. This is because such cancellations would undermine the entire program by leaving me with unsold inventory and more finance charges.

In summary, I have been doing this for eleven years and I really hate to stop offering these kits. They are as good as it gets. There is nothing I could do to make these kits any better. Moreover, all the research and development has been done, and it's just a matter of collecting enough orders to make each run worthwhile. I am very happy to be able to structure a method to reduce the cost of the kits by way of eliminating the finance charges.

I hope everyone finds this arrangement excellent all around.

Any questions, please feel free to call me @ 239-689-5941 or write.

Thank you,

RecPro Audio

How to Order: 2023 Pultec EQP-1A Kit(s) Are SOLD OUT.
2023 Pultec EQ Kits are $2195 US Each

EQ Kits can be pre-ordered with a $995 deposit (per EQ Kit) via PayPal below.

Order Details: Pultec EQ Kits are $2195 US each, plus shipping. Florida Sales Tax applies to Florida residents. Balances due after $995 pre-order deposit ($1200 per EQ, plus shipping per EQ, FL Sales Tax if applicable) must be paid in full prior to shipping. Insured ground shipping to the continental US is a flat $65 per EQ. International insured ground shipping varies from $150 to $225 per EQ. International orders welcome. Any and all import duties, fees and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Fabien-Vegas Corporation is the parent company of RecPro Audio. Contact Ron at 239-689-5941 or email with any questions. Thank you.

Please use the PayPal button below to place your deposit(s) and secure your Kit order. Call 239-689-5941 or email with any questions. Thank you.

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2023 Pultec EQP-1A Kit(s) Are SOLD OUT.
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RecPro Audio 2023 Pultec EQP-1a Kit Details

2023 Pultec EQP-1a KIT: $2195 Each

This is a point-to-point EQ Kit (not PCB).

As always, RPA Pultec Kits are comprised of only the finest parts available and include everything needed to assemble an accurate EQP-1a clone:

Signal Transformers & Inductor:

  • CineMag CMLI-4x150D input (mu-metal shielded)
  • Sowter 1475 interstage (mu-metal shielded)
  • CineMag CM-S217D output transformers (steel enclosure)
  • CineMag CML-150T Pultec Inductor (mu-metal shielded )

Hammond universal power transformer (120/220/240v)
Complete audio-grade filter capacitor set (custom made for RecPro Audio)
Neutrik jacks, Carling switches, PEC pots, Grayhill switches, Nichicon and Sprague electrolytics
Heavy-duty painted chassis (light blue front panel with gray case panels) EMI / RFI shielded
Engraved and infilled front and rear panels
Machined front, rear and bottom panels (absolutely no drilling required)
VOS knobs (including Daka-Ware)
NOS Cinch tube sockets
NOS (or testing very strong) RCA 6X4, 12AU7 and 12AX7 vacuum tubes (balanced)
Signal/Buss/Heater wire and all hardware (washers, stand-offs, grommets, stainless steel screws and nuts)

(Other than the new CineMag and Sowter transformers, all components included are exactly as represented in photos on this website.)


Over 500 high-resolution, step-by-step, assembly photos via FTP
All new master wiring diagram and switch layouts
Schematics, transformer and inductor datasheets, manual documentation included
Email and/or telephone tech support

Need a Completely Assembled and Ready to Use Pultec EQ? RecPro Audio will build it for you: Email for a Quote

Completely assembled RPA EQP-1a kit, hand-wired by Ron (cayocosta), point-to-point, tested, ready to use.
(Matching available at no charge for pair orders.)

Contact Ron For Pultec Parts

International orders welcome.*

*Any and all import duties, fees and/or taxes are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Information
All kits are shipped in heavy duty boxes with premium foam packaging.

Insured shipping to the continental US is a flat $65 per EQ. International shipping varies from $150 to $225 per EQ.

RecPro Audio Pultec EQP-1a Kit: No Compromises
When is a "Pultec" Not a Pultec, But Just Another Equalizer?Pultec Capacitors Custom Audio Grade

You can't expect to capture the Mojo of a legendary piece of vintage outboard gear while cutting corners with PCBs and modifying the original circuit design to meet a low price point. This is because putting cost above all other considerations means compromises; and by definition, with compromises there are always losses.

That's why RecPro Audio's EQP-1a kit complies 100% with the original Pulse Techniques schematic. Nothing is added, or missing, nor are any components altered from specification.

With RecPro Audio you won't find mojo-compromising adulterations like printed circuit boards, transistors, diodes, heat-sinks, solid-state rectifiers, headers and ribbon cables, etc. Instead, RecPro Audio provides only the highest quality original-specification components available from the finest suppliers, integrated via a proper old-school point-to-point layout for maximum vintage Pultec Mojo preservation.

Photos here.

Proven Architecture:

Highly regarded RecPro Audio point-to-point architecture (layout established in 2004) for superb performance and quiet, transparent operation.

Read more about it here.

Highest Component Quality:

The right parts make a big difference and RecPro Audio goes to great lengths to procure only the finest components available. From CineMag input, output and Sowter interstage transformers and CineMag shielded inductors; to balanced RCA valves tested in-house, PEC potentiometers, and heavy duty EMI/RFI shielded chassis, there are no compromises. It is particularly worth mentioning that capacitor networks are the heart of the Pultec equalizer filter circuit, therefore using mis-matched cheap computer-grade capacitors is neither optimal for performance nor befitting the high-standard set by the balance of the componentry. Accordingly, RPA sources a matched-set of custom-made, audio-grade capacitors for the full filter circuit. Anything less would be sacrilegious.

Add Point to Point Assembly to Your List of Skills:

You'll graduate at the head of the Point-to-Point class with RPA's comprehensive instruction package that takes the guesswork out of assembly and ensures a professional quality EQ when complete. All new master layout features a complete color-coded wiring diagram including switches, pots, inductor, transformers, amp and filter sub-assemblies. Individual switch layouts are also included to make wiring even more foolproof. Step-by-step instructional photo-set (500+ high-res images) also includes transformer strapping and switch configurations. Nothing is left to the imagination, everything is covered. No drilling or milling required. From standoffs to wire-ties, everything is included. Get the P2P experience the easy way.

Unlimited Technical Support:

By phone and/or email.

RecPro Audio Kit Vs. Independent DIY
No Parts Hassles:

With over 100 parts required to properly assemble a Pultec Equalizer reproduciton, tracking them all down is quite a chore with some components very difficult to locate, if at all. DIYers are also left to mix and match filter capacitors as no manufacturer offers them in all of the values required over the counter. Additionally, minimum order requirements by some suppliers means parts must be ordered in large numbers - some in quantities of 100. As well, some vendors quote over 8 weeks lead time which means a lot of waiting. RecPro Audio does away with these headaches and obstacles so that you can concentrate simply on assembly.

No Hidden Costs:

It is understandable that when considering a bill of materials for a project, the ancillary costs are often overlooked or greatly underestimated. However, such costs are considerable, easily approaching 30% of total component cost as small part orders from over a dozen vendors (and other sources) means multiple freight charges and the highest unit cost per part. Likewise, chassis milling and engraving generates additional cost and shipping expense (both to and from) that often goes unrecognized early on. Product returns and re-orders are also real-world eventualities that can unexpectedly drive up the total cost of a DIY project.

Sourcing parts from overseas can also result in unforeseen International bank surcharges and import duties.

RecPro Audio eliminates and otherwise distributes such charges across larger quantities which results in significant savings on both per unit part cost and the associated freight expenses. This efficiency and economy of scale help make the RPA Pultec EQ Kit rather reasonably priced when compared to the *true* cost of independent DIY efforts.

International Savings and Customs Clearance:

Overseas customers realize especially significant savings as the cost of shipping a complete RecPro Audio kit is much less versus the multiple part shipments required independently. Customs clearance is also streamlined with one package rather than dozens. RecPro Audio customers can be found in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Venezuela, Norway, Netherlands, France, Poland, United Kingdom and Canada.

Highest Possible Fair Market Value:

A properly assembled RecPro Audio Pultec EQP-1a represents an asset worth much more than the kit investment itself. This is because RPA's proprietary design architecture is proven and the high quality of the kit components is consistently and strictly controlled. The RecPro Audio name on the chassis lets others know that you've built the best, and if there's ever a time to sell your EQ you will get the best return on your investment with an RPA Pultec EQ Kit - it's money in the bank.

Pultec EQP-1a Kit Feedback
"Thanks again for such a rad & well built kit! Beyond satisfied - customer for life!" - T.B.
"I had 3 Pultec EQs I sold, and your EQ seems to sound the same! Gorgeous! Fantastic! I love it." - F.P. (France)
"Thank you so much for your Pultec kit. It is simply stunning. Ive built many audio kits in various shapes and sizes and this is by far the best!! It worked a treat from the start and was a pleasure to build :) I also have 2 drip Pultecs and rather the sound of yours!" - J.N. (Australia)
"I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had putting this kit together. Its fantastic. The step by step pictures are a great help. Good job mate :) Keep it up." - B.V. (Australia)
"This is only my second DIY project and all I can say is wow! Incredibly fun and addictive. Kits came loaded with all the fixings including Sowter transformers, RCA tubes, custom caps, all the way down to wire ties. Kit comes with a library of step by step photos that made it doable for this DIY newbie. The full metal enclosure with NOS knobs and paint really ties it all together. Of course they sound amazing, with plenty of headroom and way more low end depth/detail than my Waves and UAD plugs. At less than half the price of the new Pultec remakes I don't see how you can find a better clone value (with valve based accurate schematics). I got a matched pair shipped for 3100. I am stoked." - J.C. (USA)
"These things are dead quiet and about as transparent as can be “in” or “out”. I just wanted to compliment you on a very well thought out kit. It was very complete and made assembly quite a joy." - A.G. (USA)
"Super super super happy with the Pultec I picked up from you almost a year ago. Using it on all my mix sessions and it is adding the life I need!" - C.G. (NYC)

NEW: RecPro Audio RTB Mic Preamp:

RTB Mic Preamp

Vintage Pultec EQ Service and Repair:
Vintage Pultec Repair and Service

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