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RecPro Audio 2014 Pultec EQP-1a Kit Demos
All Music Copyright © 2014, 2013 Rondo

All music copyright © 2014, 2013 Rondo, unless otherwise noted.

john lennon - how do you sleep

Pultec pushing 3k on electric guitars. 1968 335. Speed Shop Tweed Deluxe, no effects, no pedals, no delays. Abbey Road Drums. Many thanks to Tony Reyes for his great vocal performance. (Tony recorded his vocal tracks in his studio and the files were imported.)


In your face acoustic guitars. Martin OM-28 Marquis and Taylor 514c. Adding some top on both.

moroccan mole (Video Above)

Huge 70s Rock. Martin OM-28, Gibson LG-0, National Tri-cone, Gibson 335, Fender J-Bass: all tracked through the Pultec. Abbey Road Drums. Tweed Deluxe killer tone.

 mister seven

Everything on this track is in the box except for the acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass. On acoustics, some 8k was added with lows rolled off a bit. For electrics, a heavy 10k boost was applied. For bass, 5k was cut while boosting and cutting 20hz each about mid-way. Bass was hit hard through an old Ashly SC-50 limiter, as were the acoustic and electric guitars through an La2a. Redd 47 preamp on acoustics, La2a as preamp on electrics; bass guitar was though RecPro Audio Valve DI.


This is a quick rhythm track. Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and a little keyboard padding. My usual acoustic guitar EQ - rolling off some 20hz and boosting highs (maybe 16k here) for a really crisp tone.


This is a quick, one-take Martin acoustic fingerstyle bit with a little reverb and a shaker. One guitar, 2 mics, a little EQ on the top end.


Guitar Rock. EQP-1a on all guitars for tone shaping.


Rhythm guitars are a Strat through a RecPro Audio Valve DI. Solo guitars are a Gibson 335 and Tweed Deluxe. Fender Jazz Bass through RecPro Audio Valve DI. Pultec EQ is on all guitars. 2 Mix was sent through a pair of Pultecs adding some 100hz and 12k.

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